17 oz Dove Collapsible Water Bottle

$ 24.79

Get the Best of All Worlds with Ethicl’s Sustainable Collapsible Water Bottle

  • The reusable Ethicl silicone water bottle has a comfortable handle strap to make it easy for you to carry it anywhere and everywhere.
  • The collapsing water bottle is easy to fit into any of the automobile cup holders and rucksack side pockets.
  • It can also be conveniently fastened to your backpack with a hook when not in use!
  • While circular cups are easy to slip and difficult to handle, Ethicl’s silicone foldable water bottles are uniquely hexagon-shaped to provide convenient handling and a sturdy grip!
  • The reusable bottles come with a silicone ring on the lid to prevent leakage, thus making it the ideal bottle for travelling and kids.

    The Ethicl Collapsible Silicone Water Bottle is a remarkable and very adaptable kitchenware that aims at keeping you hydrated and nourished everywhere you go. It also comes with a screw cap for spill-proof travel. Ethicl’s eco-friendly reusable water bottle conserves room by collapsing into a compact disc when not in use (which is tiny enough to fit in your pocket too!).

    Product Size

    • Diameter of water bottle: 10.4 cm
    • Diameter of bottle lid: 5.4 cm

    Product Height

    • Water bottle (when completely open):17 cm
    • Water Cup (when partially open): 11.5 cm
    • Mini Pendant (when completely collapsed): 4 cm

    Product Weight

    • Net weight: 154 g
    • Total beverage it holds: 500 ml


    Product Composing Material

    Food grade silicone collapsible water bottle BPA free

    Natural silicone products may have a slight odour or taste present.

    To remove the odour,

    • Add a small amount of baking soda and fill the bottle with hot water
    • Let it sit for 2 hours or more
    • Pour out the water and wash thoroughly

    Enjoy your water!


    Darkblue, Eucalyptus green, Pink


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