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Save the Environment by Buying Reusable Water Bottles Instead

The use of single-use plastic bottles has become increasingly prevalent over the last 50 years, creating an environmental problem in the form of plastic aggregates piling up in our rivers, streams, and oceans while leaking toxins into the water we consume. Therefore, many conscientious consumers have looked for ways to reduce plastic consumption for health and environmental reasons. 

Consumers have started to take on the responsibility of reducing their contribution to the plastic problem by recycling to using paper bags instead of plastic. And many have added another great way of reducing their plastic use—ditching the single-use plastic bottle for good and replacing it with reusable water bottles. Here’s why single-used bottles are a bad choice:


Even using plastic water bottles is a huge contributor to the pollution problem. The process of making a plastic water bottle has a lot of negative impacts on the environment. It starts with oil drilling and extraction, which creates a lot of pollution. 

Then the oil has to be refined, which creates even more pollution. After that, plastic bottles are made, which use even more oil. And finally, the water is bottled, which creates even more pollution. All in all, this process creates a lot of pollution and is very inefficient.

Millions of plastic tons are produced each year, and a large portion is used to make water bottles. In the US alone, around 50 billion water bottles are used yearly—and only a tiny fraction of them are recycled! The vast majority end up in landfills, taking centuries to decompose or don’t at all!

Inherent Toxins

Not only does this have a huge impact on the environment, but it also comes at a cost to our health. Plastic water bottles are often made with harmful chemicals, including BPA, which can leach into the water we drink. These substances have been linked to various health problems, including hormone disruption, cancer, and fertility issues.

Worse still, bottled water contains microplastics, tiny pieces of plastic that have been broken down from larger pieces of plastic. These are dangerous because animals can ingest and absorb toxins from the environment. This can lead to health problems for both animals and humans.

False Advertising 

To improve their image, bottled water companies spend a lot of money making you believe that the water you’re drinking is worth the high cost because it’s of high quality. However, in many cases, the water is from public tap water. It might not even be filtered properly because bottled water isn’t subject to the same regulations as municipal tap water.

Using a reusable water bottle instead is a great way to reduce your reliance on plastic. Many options are available, so you can find one that fits your lifestyle. Reusable water bottles are beneficial for the environment because they help to reduce the amount of plastic waste that is produced each year. 

They also require less oil to produce and help reduce plastic waste in landfills, oceans, and streams. They also last longer and can be reused, so you’re not adding trash to the environment!

Do the Ethicl Thing

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