collapsible water bottle for school kids

Light-weight water bottles for kids

Why are light-weight water bottles the need of the hour? 

In current times, everyone’s talking about light-weight water bottles, but why? It is a common sight these days to find children walking with a slight bend in their backs while carrying heavy bags. It might seem like a minor problem for the child to carry a heavy bag to school, but it is proven to have various harmful long-term effects. Heavy load in the bags pulls the neck muscles and causes pain in the upper back. Moreover, it might potentially cause misalignment of the spine. 

Sadly, this is not something we don’t already know. Most of us are already aware that heavy bags cause various problems to children, yet we do very little to prevent them. Teachers demanding specific books on all days is something we cannot control until the school takes action. However, what is within our control is to reduce the weight of water bottles or lunch boxes. 

Few schools offer lunh, while few students prefer to carry their own. However, most of us carry our water bottles in our bags. An average bottle filled with water weighs about 1.2 kg. In most countries, the maximum weight of the school bag is restricted to 5 kg. On that account, your water bottle takes up almost 1/4th of the permissible weight of your bag. But fortunately, there is a way you can avoid this. 

Collapsible, light-weight water bottles for kids. 

Ethicl’s collapsible water bottles are the perfect solution! Available in trendy colours, kids would be delighted to own one of these. These collapsible water bottles are easy to carry as they can easily fit into any corner of the bag, making it a perfect purchase for kids! Made with durable silicone, this product is very light to carry and is also sustainable. Unlike plastic or other materials that damage the earth, these light-weight water bottles will help you make a safer choice for the environment, as well. Moreover, they are an economical purchase as they can serve you far longer than your regular water bottle. 

Why Ethicl? 

Ethicl is your go-to brand for purchasing these reusable water bottles. At Ethicl, we prioritise quality products that best serve our consumers while consciously making an effort to balance the carbon footprint. It is a total no brainer to grab this exciting product for your family, friends or yourself. 

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