The big


Over the years, we’ve seen a lot of wrongs done to the planet; we still have time to put our thinking caps on. We learnt. We adapted. We improved. We became conscious. The smaller choices we made to impact, as they say, one step at a time.

Ethicl, without the ‘a’, was chosen for the lack of domain availability and not necessarily for the want to sound trendy. Humankind has been trendy enough to neglect its impact on the planet, the adverse impact. Ethicl is a conscious and earnest effort to try and do what is right.

We aren’t selling products. We are providing a solution. The non-negotiables at Ethicl are caring for your family’s health and not selling products that live for infinity.

The first product from our stable is a sustainable, environment friendly silicone-made reusable water bottle. It is far superior to the best plastic bottles around. The good part: it does not pollute and does not kill marine animals.


We follow ethical practices

Ethicl strives to deliver you the best reusable water bottles. Doing what is right by the environment and our planet will always be our guiding principle.

We care for you

Ethicl’s food-grade collapsible silicone water bottles are specially crafted keeping your health and wellbeing in mind.

We deliver nothing but excellence

Ethicl is your one-stop shop for sustainable reusable water bottles. Be it for you, your kids or even grandparents. Our water bottles are easy to use, travel friendly and of course, a blessing to mother nature.


Ethicl is here to facilitate a Better Tomorrow

…and bring along some super stylish silicone water bottles! Our mission is to motivate and influence everyone to use ethical products along with replacing plastics in their daily lives. We all start somewhere, and switching to better alternatives is indeed a great start!

Stylish and easy to fit


By the people, for the nature…

We focus on optimum satisfaction of our consumers, and that is exactly what helps us achieve our goal of saving nature’s beauty. Our motto conveys the same idea: if all of us join hands and use eco-friendly water bottles, it will be a step closer to helping nature.



Get The Best Of Silicone Water Bottle, Just One Click Away

Ethicl brings you 3 fancy coloured silicone rubber water bottles– dark blue, cyan and baby pink. So now you can get the best of a reusable bottle and save the planet in style!

Ethicl’s round-the-clock customer support team is there to help you out when needed. Simply drop a ring or write to us and we’ll get rolling!

Our silicone expandable water bottles have a sleek and easy to use design.  When not in use, fold it up and stack it in your handbag, it’s as easy as it gets! 

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